The under-water world.
Dominica Diving

Have you ever wanted to dive into a submerged, mountainous seascape? Then DIVE with us in DOMINICA!

Or have you ever wanted to make some extraordinary wall dives, and see hundreds of spectacular, undersea vistas? Then DIVE with us in DOMINICA!

And how about diving on one of the most pristine, undisturbed and unblemished coral reef systems in the Caribbean? Then DIVE with us in DOMINICA!

The SECRET to some of the best diving in the Caribbean is found in Dominica – and that secret is starting to get out by divers “in the know”.

The underwater topography of Dominica mimics the rugged landscape above, with its canyons and cliffs plunging into the depths. Massive underwater boulder fields and craters accompany steep walls and pinnacles, to provide some of the most breathtaking diving to be found anywhere.

So much so, that in 2008 Dominica was recognized by Scuba Diving Magazine with their annual “Readers’ Choice Awards”. Dominica has consistently ranked at the top in this prestigious, annual divers’ survey, including “Top Macro Life” dive destination, “Healthy Environment”, and “Underwater Photography”, amongst other categories.

So, if you’re planning on diving in Dominica, plan to dive with us at the Seascape Dive Centre, part of the Island Bay Boutique Hotel. We’re here 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We promise – it will be one of the most exciting, fun-filled and spectacular dive trips you will ever take to the Caribbean – and one we’re sure you’ll remember fondly and talk about for years to come!

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